Our Veterinary Services

Central Whidbey Veterinary Services offers a full range of medical care for your pets and livestock. Preventative care is the foundation of our practice, focused on providing a long, healthy life for your pets and the productive health of your herd. We provide the following routine services:

Wellness Exams

Most animals should receive yearly wellness exams to ensure they develop and age appropriately. More frequent exams may be needed depending on the age and health of an animal. A wellness exam consists of checking weight and body condition, vital signs and general appearance as well as determining if there have been any changes in an animal’s daily routine or lifestyle. As your pet ages, periodic blood tests may be recommended. Early detection of medical issues can extend the life of your pet as well as provide less expensive and more successful treatment options.


Preventative care starts with vaccinating your pets against deadly viral and bacterial diseases. Puppies and kittens usually begin their DAPP and FVRCP vaccines, respectively, at 8 weeks of age. Rabies vaccination can begin at 12 weeks. Additional vaccines are available and recommended based on the anticipated lifestyle of your pet. It is recommended that all animals receive periodic booster shots based on their lifestyle and risk of exposure. Our clinic will work with you to determine which vaccines are most beneficial for your individual pet.

spay & neuter

In addition to eliminating unwanted breeding, spaying and neutering provides many health benefits including reduced risk of mammary cell, ovarian or testicular cancer and reduced behavioral issues associated with sex hormones.


Broken or infected teeth can cause many issues for your pet including reduced appetite, aggression, and serious internal infections. To prevent decay, we recommend dental cleanings for animals who are prone to dental disease as a preventative measure. Cats who are FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or FeLV (feline leukemia virus) positive may require more extensive dental care during their lifetime.


Making end of life decisions is difficult. We are here to provide a thorough quality of life evaluation and guide you and your pet through this process. We understand that some pets and families are more comfortable at home, so we also provide mobile services for at-home euthanasia.


We work hard to provide after hour services to our existing clients for those evening and weekend emergencies. Signs that your animal needs to be seen may include: difficulty breathing, pale gums, uncontrolled bleeding, seizures, toxin exposures, large wounds, persistent vomiting, severe pain, or inability/straining to urinate.

Need emergency care right now? Please call our office at 360-678-1881. If calling out of hours, please follow the voice message instructions to reach the doctor on call. Let us know your name, the type of animal in need of care, and a brief description of what is happening.

Please note that our doctors work overtime to provide after hour availability. There may be instances in which emergencies need to be referred to the mainland for specialty services, hospitalization in a critical care setting, or due to high case loads/off site work with large animals. We will continue to do our best!

Diagnostic imaging

Our digital radiography provides faster, cheaper, and higher quality images than traditional x-rays and produces less radiation during imaging.

We offer both in-clinic small animal radiography as well as mobile large animal imaging using our new state-of-the-art unit.

We also work with a local, board certified radiologist who comes to our clinic for in-house ultrasound scans. This non-invasive imaging modality is especially helpful for diagnosing or monitoring abnormalities within the abdomen.

Large animal & equine­

Central Whidbey Veterinary Services specializes in equine and livestock medicine. We work with horses, goats, donkeys, mules, llamas, alpacas, cattle and more! We offer both individual care for the backyard pet as well as herd health services and are eager to get to know your farm. A veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is important to help our local producers maintain healthy livestock and sustainable operations with high animal welfare standards. 

equine care

Whidbey Island is home to equids in all shapes and sizes, from backyard miniature donkeys to upper level competition horses and we love to see them all! Our services focus on preventative care, including dental care, vaccination and disease screening. We also perform castrations and lameness exams with available mobile radiography. Emergency equine services commonly address colics, lacerations, chokes, etc. While we do not offer sports medicine treatments at this time, we are happy to refer our equine athletes to one of our regional sports medicine specialists.

Brand inspection

We are USDA accredited to provide brand inspections for both equine and bovine interstate transport or change of ownership. Contact us for information on what is required for a brand inspection and when you might need one.

Health certificates & Coggins

We are USDA-certified to provide small and large animals with Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) for the purpose of interstate and international travel, sale, exhibition, ownership change and more.

4H education

Our veterinary staff is passionate about sharing our knowledge of animals with the community. We are proud supporters of 4-H education and getting youth involved in animal husbandry. Call us today to ask about our participation in your upcoming community events!


From Our Visitors

These guys are straight-up fantastic. They care about what they do and how they treat you and your furry loved ones. I’ve been here for the funnest times (HUGE thank you for the grand opening party; pony rides, face painting, and lunch, at no cost to your guests!!??! WOW), and for the saddest times, when our family pup breathed his last, and weird times, when kitty had allergies (thanks for the follow-up calls!). They’re a dedicated bunch, and sure appreciated!

Tricia B.

We’re new to the island (last week) and hadn’t had time to find a new vet for our pup. Of course, a late LATE Sunday night need arose in the middle of a power-outage and 30-year windstorm. One phone call and we were on our way to see Dr. Moody who was just outstanding. He’s a no-nonsense, very practical, and thorough kind of vet who was fun to be with and as keen to know about our dog’s humans as he was our dog. I cannot recommend him highly enough. NO further shopping; he’s our vet.

Nic W.